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Hi everyone , 


              Welcome to my personal blog . My name is Hemin Johnson and I wish you a happy reading session . 


                      " Freedom is never given it is won " . 

Being a Indian and a women . I know how much it means to have freedom . Even though my country celebrated its 74th independence day on August 15 2020 , my country is not free . Not just for me but for everyone. Caste inequalities, young marriage still exists. Women don't have freedom to go alone in night . Laws are implemented but not followed . 

People don't even know the real meaning of freedom. 

                     We live in one of the biggest democratic countries in the world but we are now made to shut our mouths . Even though we have voice , the authority are not giving us space to produce it . 

Now India is not a free country . The world declared India as a partly free country.

                                  India won freedom but even now we are not able to enjoy it.


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